Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Cops and You, well more like Me actually.

  Ever since I was a kid I have considered the cops to be trouble. Until recently I thought this to be due to my rather rambunctious years as a teenager. Now I am beginning to think that it is some sort of primal instinct for survival. Incidents here in PG as well as around the province do little to contradict this notion.
    In Northern BC over the last decade or so we have had a number of questionable deaths at the hands of the police. In Vancouver a passel of cops tasered a polish to death at the airport because he was being unruly. One has to wonder how many more, less mortal incidents there have been. Recently we have the case of the woman dentist who got stopped for speeding and ended up in the hospital, having somehow provoked a royal beat down by a sheriff. I didn't know they had sheriffs in Alberta but this one sure had chutzba. Not only did he beat the woman to a pulp, he later charged her with assault and resisting arrest.

From the Edmonton Sun Feb 9, 2014

There appears to be a dash cam recording of the incident but the cops are not releasing it. Doubtless it will be lost before they make it public.
     While i have never been beaten or killed by a cop I have learned that they are not necessarily your friends. Once I was shot at by some trapper in Dawson creek. I reported the incident, including the part where i fired a shot in the air to tell the dick that i was human (he knew that already). Nothing was done at the time since I was not in possession of the bullet he shot at me, even though I followed his tracks to his house. Two weeks later , however, I had a call from a police woman inquiring about which gun I used that day. You see, I had 2 new guns for which I had no permit to carry  and they were looking to get me on that terrible crime. I was carrying the legal one, so fuck them.  Last year when i reported a burglery next door I was scolded for mentioning that it took them about 40 minutes to come around, even though it was reported as being in progress. It seems they had "real crimes" as opposed to the theft of some metal. I have a few more stories but the real point is that cops seem to me to have pretty short fuses sometimes and they are sure as hell not above going for the low hanging fruit.
     So I think my mistrust of cops is not unreasonable. As a gun owner I am  made even more uncomfortable about the fact that any call to my house would be flagged as dangerous due to my 'arsenal'. While the long gun registry is gone, handguns are still on record. Given that you can be beaten to a pulp for speeding, or shot dead for holding a remote control in a distracted manner, or have a cop approach your house with her gun drawn and a scared look on her face because someone saw a pellet gun by your door, or that your dog might be shot for barking at a cop in your carport maybe my trepidation is justified.
    So what to do? Be careful when you are dealing with a police officer. Well, don't call a cop unless you really need to. Don't invite them into your home, even if it is cold out.  Don't talk to a cop unless you really need to, especially if you intend to argue with them.  Don't count on the police to protect you, they are more for clean up than crime prevention. Don't use the cops to settle arguments with your family or neighbours. If you are going to have an encounter, record it and let them know you are doing so.
    The days of messing with cops are gone. These days their ranks contain too many people with aggressive or cowardly natures.

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