Thursday, 11 August 2011

The power to protect (yourself)

So I was reading this story in the Telegraph. It was about some contributor who was mugged by black dudes during the London riots ( they took his bike the big bullies!) On his way home in a cab he reflected on ho w helpless he was in the face of the rioters. In the end he muses that the citizens of england, cowering in their homes, are at the mercy of violent men, who can come at any time , and do what they like. In the comments there are a few smart asses suggesting that the English ought to adopt american gun laws. Predictably (esp. in the Telegraph) this is met with smug ridicule and ersatz gun crime stats.
  The fact is, this column written by a beaten man in england is the best argument for gun ownership I have ever seen, even though the writer never mentions guns. Ownership of a gun means you are no longer defenseless. You are not at the mercy of a mob, nor are you cowering in your homes, hoping the bad men will pass you by (and victimize the little old white lady next door). You can stand up against bigger, meaner, more abundant people than yourself. You can protect your possessions and your loved ones, rather than having to make a panicked phone call to big brother for help.
   This alone is worth the price (if any) we pay for gun ownership in this country. Wanna set my house on fire? Wanna attack my family? Come and get some.