Friday, 22 July 2011

Too Stupid to Remain Uncommented Upon

So yesterday i read that the UN wants to start committing 'green helmets' as on the ground forces to help people being threatened by global warming climate change  anthropogenic-global-local-climate- weather weirding phenomenon. Today I read where Somalia, in the grips of a massive impending famine has not been receiving aid from the UN for some time (Unicef got in yesterday i think). The reason why the UN could not do anything earlier is that big scary Al Shaabob (numb nutted muslim rebels) was harassing them. My question is this: If the UN cannot even deal with third rate terrorist organizations in order to help people starving to death, what the hell are they playing at planning new forces to help as yet unrealized climate related issues?
   To the UN: You people have your heads way up your collective ass. If you were not playing with my money I would find you funny. As it is, I think you folks are an obscenity. I say this with no fear of reprisal since you have proven many times (Rwanda for example) that you are the most feckless twerps the world has ever seen.