Monday, 17 February 2014

I Am Not An Asshole! Ok Maybe Sometimes I Am.

I grew up in a family that argued, all the time. I can be argumentative, But I swear I do it for the best of reasons, mainly because I hate BS. I do tend to have an adversarial attitude toward people who hold different views than I do. However, I seldom hold it against folk personally. The way I see it, if you disagree with me on something, we can discuss it in a friendly manner. If you disagree in an imperious or condescending manner, then I am gonna respond with a little more heat. If you are trying to convert me, I will resist. If you are saying something which I feel is immoral or potentially harmful to society, I will fight (figuratively) with vigour and some heat. In none of the above will I harbour ill will due to our differences in opinion or point of view.
   However, if you are advocating a position which will directly or indirectly affect my personal freedom or the freedom of my fellow man then we will have a problem. I take such things personally since I am a firm believer in individual freedoms, even if they are not my own. Thus it is ok by me if you are gay and want to get married, or if you want to have two wives, or 10 cats, or ride your bike without a helmet, or smoke, or drive your car for fun. You can pray five times a day or say that God is a myth. Unless you are harming other people in a real way, knock yourself out. If you want to tell people how to live, or limit free speech, or pass laws protecting folk from themselves then you are no friend of mine.

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